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About DanskABC

DanskABC consists of 42 e-learning classes teaching you Danish, and a large number of supplementary material.

Technical requirements
DanskABC runs online so no install is needed. All you need is a computer with

  • a browser (fx Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox)
  • a Flash player in the browser (Flash 7 is free and standard on up-to-date computers, otherwise we recommend that you download it
  • an internet connection
  • a sound card
  • a login/password (which is what you pay for, see the price tag on the 'Start' page)

Additional material
Get an overview of the 42 e-learning classes (pdf, in Danish). Go through the student assignments (pdf, in Danish, login required) Read the teaching instructions (pdf, in Danish)

Questions ?
Feel free to contact us with any uncertainty or question.

E-mail: info@danskabc.dk
Phone: +45 33 33 81 11
Or call us on Skype: